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Testing of the Post-traumatic Growth and Adaptation Model: Mid-life Adults

AUTHOR : 이옥희,이지연

INFORMATION : page. 111~133 / 2015 Vol.22 No.3


This study investigated the structural relationship among variables concerning post-traumatic growth(challenge of core belief, centrality of event, intrusive rumination, deliberate rumination, psychological pain, post-traumatic growth, meaning in life, and satisfaction with life), based on the post-traumatic growth model(Tirplett et al., 2012). The subjects of study were 617 men and women of mid-life, and the data were analyzed using SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0. As the result of study, there were generally three route-processes that reached post-traumatic growth and adaptation. In the first route in which the challenge of core belief reached post-traumatic growth and adaptation, it was verified that deliberate rumination was a meaningful factor to reach post-traumatic growth. In the second route in which centrality of event reached post-traumatic growth and adaptation, it was verified that centrality of event’ was an important variable in prediction of post-traumatic growth, rather than the challenge of core belief, and meaning in life intermediated satisfaction with life in post-traumatic growth. In the third route, it was verified that centrality of event had negative influences on post-traumatic growth and adaptation. These consequences suggest that growth and pain may coexist after post-traumatic experience. And they implies that intrusive rumination causes psychological pain, but deliberate rumination leads us to post-traumatic growth. Also they represent that meaning in life guides us to satisfaction with life, rather than post-traumatic growth is directly connected with satisfaction with life.

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