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The Moderating Effects of Marital Satisfaction: The Relationship between Preschoolers' Temperament and Mothers' Parenting Efficacy

AUTHOR : 이아람,진미경

INFORMATION : page. 89~109 / 2015 Vol.22 No.3


The purpose of this study was to investigate the moderating effects of marital satisfaction on the relationship between preschoolers' temperament and mothers' parenting efficacy in Seoul and Kyung-gi Province, South Korea. The subjects were 372 mothers with children aged 3-6. We used a preschool child’s temperament questionnaire, marital satisfaction scale and the (Korean version of Echelle Globale du Sentiment de Competence Parentals, K-EGSCP) questionnaire. The results of the study suggested that preschoolers' temperament had a significant effect on mothers' parenting efficacy and that domain-specific parenting efficacy was predicted by adaptive temperament and regular temperament. Second, parenting efficacy was heavily influenced by the level of marital satisfaction. Third, marital satisfaction had moderating effects on the relationship between adaptive temperament and nurturance, which was a factor of domain-specific parenting efficacy. Fourth, marital satisfaction had a moderating effect on the relationship between regular temperament and nurturance. Likewise, this study confirms the moderating effect of marital satisfaction on the relationship between preschoolers' temperament and parenting efficacy of preschoolers' mothers.

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