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The Ability of Middle and High School Students to Solve Social Problems according to the Frequency of Using Online Games

AUTHOR : 유명희,최인화

INFORMATION : page. 47~65 / 2015 Vol.22 No.3


In this study, we examined online game utilization by middle and high school students and what differences existed in the ability to solve social problems between real versus game situations according to the frequency of using online games. We surveyed 765 students in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, and Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Collected data were processed statistically for frequency analysis, reliability analysis,  tests, t-tests, and ANOVAs using SPSS WIN v. 20.0. Firstly, results of the study suggested that more than 80% of the middle and high school students played online games and most of them played for less than an hour average once or twice a week. However, proportion of students who played online games ‘daily’ and ‘more than 2 hours per day’ category was higher in high school than in middle school. Secondly, there were no significant differences between the ability to solve real social problems and the one for virtual social problems regarding the frequency of using online games. Thirdly, middle and high school students showed that their problem solving ability in virtual situation is significantly higher than that in real life situation. The results of this study can be used as basic data for introducing proper instructions for online game play regarding utilization characteristics of middle school and high school students.

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