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A Review of the Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Attachment: Based on Overseas Research

AUTHOR : 김수진

INFORMATION : page. 1~24 / 2015 Vol.22 No.3


The purposes of this study were to examine the trends of research on the variables of self-injury and attachment, and to propose more practical directions for prevention and counseling. This study analyzed thirteen journal articles and studies on self-injury and attachment which had been published overseas from 2002 to 2014, as well as the types of journals, subjects and their age, self-injury/no self-injury, measurements for self-injury, measurements for attachment, and other major findings. The results were as follows. First, the variables of anxious and avoidant attachment was related to self-injury. Second, insecure attachment was related to emotional regulation, vulnerable stress coping strategies, and negative emotions. These results proposes a need to help with choosing healthy alternatives instead of self-injury, regulating emotions, and coping with stress through secure attachment experiences. A important implications of self-injury and attachment and future tasks for self-injury research were also discussed.

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