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Manuscript Review Process

1. Objective

This guideline serves to provide authors a better understanding of the manuscript review process administered by the Korean Association of Human Development.

2. Panel of Reviewers

  1. Reviewers are regular members of this association and have served as an assistant professor or above at four year institutions.
  2. Reviewers will be recommended by the Editorial Board and selected by the editor-in-chief of the Editorial Board.
  3. Reviewers are paid a fixed screening fee.

3. Process of Manuscript Review

  1. If the submitted manuscript fails to meet the requirement of the Association or fails to include important information, such as the English abstract, corresponding author, keywords or etc., the manuscript will be returned without review.
  2. Manuscript will be sent anonymously to three reviewers as designated by the Editorial Board.
  3. The decision to accept or reject the manuscript will be based on the overall recommendations from the three reviewers.
    1. If at least two reviewers rate the manuscript “Accept without revision” or “Accept with minor revisions”, the manuscript is will be considered as “accept with minor revision” for publication.
    2. If one reviewer rates the manuscript “Accept without revision” or “Accept with minor revisions” and two reviewers rate the manuscript to be “Revise and resubmit with major revisions”, the author will be requested to make the recommended changes and resubmit the manuscript for reconsideration by the original reviewers. Based on the comments from the second review, the Editorial Board will make the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication.
    3. If two reviewers rate the manuscript “Reject”, or if one reviewer rates the manuscript “Reject” and two reviewers rate the manuscript “Revise and resubmit with major revisions”, the manuscript will be rejected for publication.
    4. If three reviewers rate the manuscript “Accept without revision” or “Accept with minor revisions”, “Revise and resubmit with major revisions”, and “Reject” respectively, the Editorial board will re-evaluate and determine if the manuscript will be accepted or rejected for publication.
  • - Accept without revision: refers to none or minor changes that can be made without further review.
  • - Accept with minor revision: refers to mandatory changes recommended by the reviewers and requires subsequent verification from the reviewers or the Editorial board.
  • - Revise and resubmit with major revisions: refers to the need for major changes and is deemed almost impossible to rectify before the due date, or the need for another round of review after the author make major changes.
  • - Reject: refers to rejection of the manuscript as it failed to meet the established criteria of the academic research report or is deemed inconsistent with the Association’s objectives.

4. The author will be notified of the review results and if the manuscript requires revisions, the author should make relevant modifications based on the comments given by the reviewers and resubmit within the given deadline. If the decision ‘accept with minor revisions’ is made after review or after the second round of review, the editorial board will reassess the revised content and make the final decision on whether the manuscript will be published.

5. If the manuscript requires resubmission or is rejected, detailed reasons will be clearly provided.

6. The manuscript review process should end within 12 weeks after reception, and in the case of resubmission, the process should end within 24 weeks after reception.

7. Manuscript accepted for publication will go into print after proofreading of the English abstract by an English editor.

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