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Instructions to Authors

1. Purpose

This instruction manual serves to provide authors with the requirements for submission of their manuscripts to the Korea Association of Human Development.

2. Qualifications for Manuscript Submission

  1. All authors should be member of the Korean Association of Human Development
  2. Manuscripts submitted should be relevant to human developmental research and not been published in any other domestic or international academic journals or non-academic publications.
  3. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the submission guidelines specified by the Korean Association of Human Development

3. Contribution Guidelines

Manuscript submission should be submitted electronically to the online submission site at When submitting the manuscript, the author(s)’ information should be omitted from the manuscript for blind review. All submission should also include a cover letter containing author(s)’ information, a signed research ethics form and the author’s checklist. The first author should be listed first and the corresponding author’s email address, phone number and other relevant information should be clearly stated in the cover letter.

4. Submission Period

The submission of manuscripts will be on a quarterly basis and deadline of submission for each quarter is on the 10th of January, 10th of April, 10th of July and 10th of October respectively.

5. Review and Acceptance

Manuscripts submitted to the Korean Association of Human Development will be reviewed by three reviewers appointed by the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board reserves the right to accept or reject the manuscript for publication. The Editorial Board will inform the author of any revisions recommended by the reviewers.

6. Submission and Publication Fees

  1. The review fee of the manuscript is 80,000 Korean won. Re-review of manuscript will incur a fee of 40,000 Korean won.
  2. Manuscripts that fail to comply with the Association’s submission guidelines will be subjected to an editing fee of 10,000 Korean won for each page.
  3. Manuscripts more than 12 pages will be required to pay an additional fee.

7. Copyright

The Korean Association of Human Development holds the copyright of all manuscripts published.

8. Publication Policy

An author is allowed a maximum of two publications per issue as the first author and co-author for each publication respectively.

9. Publication Ethics

All authors must adhere to the publishing ethics guidelines provided by the Korean Association of Human Development. For more information on publication ethics for this journal, please visit For policies on publication ethics that are not stated, this journal will follow international standards adapted from

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